PrintSoft’s Hybrid Mail Solutions takes the mail work away from your customers and places it into your hands for a faster, cost-effective solution. By implementing a Hybrid Mail solution, your customers can reduce costs and reduce time of delivery. With Hybrid Mail, you can offer postal discounts, mail production, and delivery from postal locations closest to the recipient.

As a Hybrid Mail provider you will receive electronic data, either completed mail documents or raw data which you can then sorts for postal discounts and then you or an approved print and postage partner produces and dispatches them.

Our offering covers three different levels of Hybrid Mail depending on your customer requirements. The solutions are scalable so your customers can easily upgrade to the next one.

HYBRID MAIL EXPRESS | for ad hoc documents created by clients on a desktop using standard Windows application, such as Word.

HYBRID MAIL BUSINESS | for high volume production environments who wants to send data in it’s prepared form, eg. PDF, or raw data, eg. ADF.

HYBRIL MAIL ENTERPRISE | Express + Business: allows sending of single documents, within batches or created from raw data to be collected and processed.

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At PrintSoft we continue to successfully build document composition and hybrid mail solutions that have helped our customers to significantly enhance their customers’ communications processes, gain access to additional mail volumes and their associated revenue streams. In adding value to the communications methods used by customers the Hybrid Mail provider can benefit from additional mail volumes and customer loyalty; and as the provider is able to offer new and innovative communication methods there is potential to take advantage of significant new revenue streams.

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