PrintSoft’s Production Automation creates an office where departments focus on their core responsibilities and documents are managed and distributed automatically. Our Production Automation uses control systems and pre-defined workflows to reduce the need for manual interaction in the production process.

Production Automation solutions are the administration and optimization of automated processes for formatting, post-processing and delivery of correspondence via any media.


  • High overtime costs
  • Lack of accountability for errors
  • Only communicate by post
  • Lack of customer interaction
  • High postage costs


  • Increased capacity & workload of correspondence output
  • Reduced manual intervention to minimise errors
  • Meet individual customer correspondence delivery requirements
  • Increased efficiency of resources both employee and equipment

How this works:

  • Batch processing typically the data would be sorted (eg for postal optimization), the documents composed and despatched via whichever medium is required.
  • Adhoc processing can be dealt with in different ways – it can be included in the batch typically this would be aggregated to increase postal optimisation if printing OR direct dispatch if not printing

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