Setting up PrintSoft’s Correspondence Management, gives control back to you when you create customer communications. Design your customer communications, transactional or promotional, and highly personalise them with customer information stored in your existing preferred systems. Built-in automation and scheduling functions will help you distribute them through multiple channels and in high volumes.

Correspondence Management by PrintSoft is the creation of documents and generation of highly personalized correspondence - all business critical correspondence: marketing correspondence, insurances and transactional or transpromotional (TransPromo) documents (bills, statements).

CM is part of defined business processes such as central data processing & document formatting for different output channels ranging from layout (creation of document templates), production and finishing to delivery (online or by post) and archiving.


  • Too many documents to manage
  • Slow reaction to corporate change
  • Difficult to control corporate governance
  • Lack of tracking and management information


  • Automate processes to reduce manual tasks
  • Empower employees whilst maintaining control
  • Improve change process for corporate information
  • Increased auditing capabilities and version control
  • Reduce time to market for customer correspondence

How this works:

  • Take the data from industry standard applications (CRM/ ERP/ other internal systems)
  • Split into two types of communications – Batch or Adhoc
  • Batch comms - regular or timely customer information communications such as statements, bills, policies etc
  • In batch processing data is passed straight through the system to production automation where the document is composed and processed
  • Adhoc comms – irregular, one off responses to customer requests such as quotations, complaints, enquiries etc
  • In adhoc processing typically the data is taken and the document produced interactively on the fly and then the completed document is submitted to production automation for subsequent processing

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