PrintSoft’s Correspondence Automation automates your high volume output workflows to enhance productivity, reduce costs and maintain corporate governance through multiple correspondence channels: mail, fax, email, or SMS.

Correspondence Automation is the creation, processing, formatting, maintenance and distribution of personalised communication (transactional, promotional, or corporate) to deliver business value. This is mainly split into two areas:

CORRESPONDENCE MANAGEMENT | compose and print personalized customer correspondence using any available information stored in your systems.

PRODUCTION AUTOMATION | use of control systems and pre-defined workflows to reduce the need for manual interaction in the production process

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In any organization, various departments create correspondence like accounting, customer relations, marketing, legal, etc. The documents are printed and sent from various locations and departments through different channels (internal print, batch print, mail) and offices (batch and local).

PrintSoft solutions can help to provides efficient, low cost automated production processes that create high quality documents for multi-channel delivery. By using our solutions you can target your customers with the right message through the channel they require – email, sms or mail. The beauty is that everything is processed, automated and centrally located including document creation for any channel output to maintain the professional look and feel regardless of the delivery method.

Correspondence Automation is a key way to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction and retention by automatically processing written customer communication. A Correspondence Automation solution allows your organization to process written communication more effectively and improve staff productivity for cost savings, improved cash flow, and more timely communication with your customers.

Correspondence Automation benefits any organization that processes large volumes of customer mail or uses a large number of employees to manually creating documents.


  • High print & sundries cost
  • Lack of control over manual intervention
  • Disparate sites & systems
  • High volumes of pre-printed multi branded stock
  • No reconciliation visibility


  • Quality assurance
  • Centralised, access based content management - Single site control
  • Integrated, cost efficient and personalised customer correspondence
  • Reporting and tracking of individual correspondence
  • One set of data/ design for all outputs
  • Automation and archiving of all correspondence
  • Enables TransPromo – specific targeted message delivery
  • CRM integration
  • Reduced print and associated costs
  • Increased response rate and reduction in errors
  • Reduced stationary & storage costs
  • Full audit trail

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