Speed up time to market with dynamic marketing messages

+PReS Share provides collaboration for variable data printing jobs by enabling authorized users with access to the internet anywhere in the world to create and edit content within predefined blocks in a document.

It is a true thin client solution. No software other than a web browser needs to be installed on the user's PC. It also affords unmatched flexibility in the collaborative authoring process, including the ability for end-users to create and preview conditional messages that seamlessly integrate text and graphical elements.

Key Features

  • Create Conditional Messages - Set up unlimited data driven dynamic variations for mailouts
  • Approval Workflow - Automatic email notifications ensure managed workflow amongst departments
  • Version Control - View effects of changes in all documents instantly
  • Workflow - Collaborative editing of highly personalized documents over the internet
  • Collaborative Authoring - Control content and business rules in the browser, viewing live proofs using real data

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We are proud to announce that +PReS Enhance has been released!
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