Software for one-to-one communication

Today, a simple visual design tool is no longer good enough. In addition to designing the document as it will look in print on the screen, you need to be able to create the rules that define how the document interacts with the data. And this needs to be as simple and intuitive as laying out the text. NEWLEAF fills this need.

Whilst the use of new media in direct marketing is increasing, paper remains the most important means of direct communication. Every household gets its daily quota of bills, statements and solicitations, each of which is a potential marketing vehicle. But this opportunity also presents a problem - how do you make your documents stand out from the crowd?

Modern data-mining techniques have put campaign design back in the hands of marketing professionals. Now NEWLEAF allows your creative staff to generate professional looking marketing documents using a simple, visually interactive tool.

Key features

  • Create professional looking marketing documents, with complex conditional logic, using basic Windows skills
  • Freely position text, graphics, tables and barcodes anywhere in the document and rotate them
  • Import and size and number of graphics
  • Create tables containing dynamic cells
  • Use dynamic document composition to create true audience-of-one communication

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