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+PReS Finish is an enterprise mail management system that enables centralized collection of mail jobs, in electronic form, for the purpose of optimizing print and production of outbound mail initiated from anywhere in the enterprise.

In today's corporate environment, a substantial (and often hidden) volume of short run mail is generated from a variety of departments, branches and remote agents. This "Desktop" mail is usually printed on low speed departmental printers, folded and inserted manually by clerical staff, and mailed at full postage rate. It is expensive, but the costs are often not visible to management, and it is difficult to manage and ensure consistent legal and branding compliance. By centrally capturing desktop print and mail and merging to production volumes, considerable efficiencies, controls and cost savings can be achieved.

Key Features

  • Centralized enterprise mail production. Centralized collection of mail jobs, in electronic form, before print production optimizes mail production and output for printed mail correspondence initiated from anywhere in the enterprise.
  • Single letters and small, medium and large batch mail jobs are collected together on a PrintSoft +PReS Finish server, enabling automated aggregation and sorting based on configurable job parameters such as letterhead, paper stock or finishing requirements. Mail is then sorted into production-ready batches turning low-volume print runs into high-volume production runs maximizing your production equipment usage.
  • Automatically aggregates like jobs together, handles postal sorting, and routes press-ready files to appropriate production centres for final print, based on configurable thresholds and parameters.
  • Multi-facility enterprise mail distribution. Centralized mail aggregation before production printing also enables sorting and routing of production jobs to distribute production among multiple distributed print facilities to optimize production equipment or to print and mail as close as possible to ultimate delivery destinations.

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