Ease of WYSIWYG with the power of PReS

PReS Designer is an interactive WYSIWYG interface for designing and developing most Direct Marketing and Transaction tasks. It has a simple, friendly graphical interface which allows you to create highly personalized documents quickly and easily.

Using conditional logic, fully dynamic documents are created where the entire layout and content can vary according to the input data. This enables each document to be composed specifically for every individual recipient. PReS Designer has powerful "white space management" features to allow marketing messages (text and/or graphics) to be selected according to both input data values and space available.

PReS Designer documents can include variable text, pictures, graphics, address blocks and both merged and calculated data. PReS Designer gains additional strength from sitting on top of the PrintSoft | PReS document composition platform, which is the global leader in variable data document composition.

Kern EasyMailer users can take full advantage of PReS Designer for EasyMailer's power and turn plain white paper into fully personalised, full colour mailing pieces.

PrintSoft PReS Designer for EasyMailer exploits all the features of EasyMailer, making the envelope an integral part of the mail piece and making it Easy too!

Key Features

  • Compose text with mixed and multiple language documents
  • Personalize any element of the document with data-driven selection of variable text and graphics
  • Include all types of data including transactional and marketing information
  • Eliminate data preparation tasks with built-in data preparation, sorting, and cleansing capabilities
  • PReS automatically optimizes output to drive printers at rated speeds

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We are proud to announce that +PReS Enhance has been released!
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