Centralized control for automated production: simple, time-saving, and cost-effective

+PReS Automate is a workflow management system geared to the needs of high volume document environments. It provides a framework for the automation and control of the various processes a document needs to go through from data receipt to enveloping.

In its simplest form, it can be used to automate single print requests. It can also be the engine that makes the automated decisions within a complex processing environment. With +PReS Automate you can even handle overnight data receipt and processing ready for printing in the morning.

+PReS Automate simplifies the tedious task of processing individual or inter-related jobs. It can handle thousands of jobs per day with the most complex scheduling requirements. +PReS Automate's open and flexible architecture allows many different job types with a virtually infinite number of process variations to co-exist within a single system.

Print formatting systems (such as PReS), pre-processing routines (such as data cleansing, data corrections and mailsorting) and post-processing facilities (such as archive system uploads) can all be included in a single workflow. When multiple systems of each kind are available, +PReS Automate can balance between them and react appropriately.

Business Benefits

  • Seamless integration with 3rd party systems (CRM, Accounting etc)
  • Reduce the cost of production through automated information transfer
  • Full process control so information integrity is maintained
  • Increase production flow - maximise the use of your facilities
  • Reduce human interaction through automated process thus reducing cost

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