PReS is the most powerful and flexible document composition language in the world. It is a software tool for designing and publishing personalized documents for both transactional and direct marketing applications. PReS can also help to integrate current systems and processes within your organization.

What makes this environment unique amongst leading VDP offerings is that it is based on a language that was designed from the outset to describe the production printing and process automation tasks that are essential to successful VDP production facilities. PReS generated documents can include variable text, pictures, graphics, barcodes and merge data.

Using conditional logic, dynamic documents are created where the entire layout varies with the input, producing documents designed for each individual recipient, rather than a "one-size-fits-all" document.

PReS can then format the document for printing on any high-speed printer and for electronic distribution. This enables your documents to be published as printed pages and/or as emails, web pages, PDF documents, SMS messages, XML files and faxes. And full colour can be used to maximize response rates.

A further addition to the PReS suite is M-PReS Production, a completely new formatting and production engine from PrintSoft designed to extend the power and flexibility of PReS. The M in M-PReS stands for multi-platform because M-PReS Production allows PDC files (compiled job files created by PReS) to be run on both Windows and high-end Unix servers. Not only that but as a single, intuitive print control, M-PReS Production can produce any supported output format from the PDC using a range of powerful data streaming options.

Typical documents are dynamic billing statements, transactional and transpromotional documents, corporate reports, direct mail, customized insurance policies, one-to-one marketing letters, etc.

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